Erskine ICIFIED!

Erskine icified!!

Snow in South Carolina?? When I was a prospective student looking at Erskine there were many strengths I saw. It wasn’t only the small town feel, academic challenge,  and volleyball opprtunity that drew me in, but the warm weather. I would love to experience a winter without snow. So naturally I thought South Carolina was a safe choice, but boy was I wrong!!

The chaos started Sunday. I went grocery shopping and people where running around in a frenzy. The first thing to go was the staple foods like milk, bread and eggs. The toilet paper was slim pickings as well. Among the people, one lady thought out loud and said, “Do they make milk in cans?” What is going on here?!? It sure doesn’t look like it’s going to actually snow. News flash: Snowfall does not mean the world is ending!  

 You could say I was being a skeptic to the magnitude of the snow storm moving in on Due West. However, I was proven wrong. In the morning I woke up to a nice 3 inch blanket. And by mid-afternoon we had 5 inches topped off with a crunchy sheet or ice.

Our brontosaurus! Can't you tell??

Our brontosaurus! Can't you tell??

Am I in Minnesota?? Iowa?? If I were at home, I probably wouldn’t have played outside because it’s noting too exciting. But here, everyone was out and about. People were sledding in the mall area, playing football on Robinson field, and So I joined in on the festivities! My roommate and I walked her dog around town and made a brontosaurus ice sculpture! Wow I felt like a kid again. I love snow days! I thought my snow day time was over once I headed south bound, but SURPRISE! The snow follows me everywhere!