Gotta get back in the swing of things

A start of a new semester already…WOW!!! It feels like I had just started freshman year and yet I’m already halfway done with sophomore year! And now I have to buckle down and get used to a full semester of classes coming off J-term. Today was day 2 of classes so I kinda have a feeling of what classes are going to be like and hopefully everything will go smooth! And the best thing to do when you have a tough semester is just go into the class with a positive attitude, which I admit, is sometimes…a lot of the time, a hard thing to do. But if all else fails, just keep a big smile on your face. I just still cant believe that in 2 and a half years i’ll be graduating!! It’s crazy!! I just have to make the most of the opportunities God has placed in front of me and use them for His glory!