Beautiful Weather and Broadened Horizons

Ah, Friday. After a rather hectic week filled with classes, work, and various other activities and commitments, it is rather inexpressibly delightful to sit down and relax with a cup of tea and a good book. Of course, this Friday is made especially wonderful by the absolutely gorgeous weather which we are currently enjoying here in Due West. My great grandfather always used to say that there are twenty-six days during the year which are really perfect—not too cool, not too hot, but warm with a hint of cool breeze. And this week, I would venture to say that we have been graced with several such days all at once…which means that I may be tempted at any moment to cease typing in order to join the friends who are studying outside, basking in what seems to be spring-in-February. But before I do that, I’ll share with you a ground-breaking anecdote from Erskine life.

The college setting which I have come to love and which I affectionately call my “Erskine bubble” was, you see, unceremoniously popped this week—though not in a bad way. Every so often, I have concernedly puzzled over my inveterate tendency, while at school, to become so focused on everything I’m involved in here that I become completely detached from the outside world, aside from a periodic phone call home. This tendency is not necessarily a bad thing, since it does demonstrate how full—and far from boring!—life at Erskine can be. Nevertheless, as important as academic study and friendships here are, I highly doubt that utter ignorance of what is happening on the world stage is ever a healthy state.

And here is where the bubble popping I mentioned earlier comes in. Today I took one of the famous New York Times quizzes administered weekly by Erskine’s beloved Politics professor, Dr. Woodiwiss. This meant that I spent *cough* quite a length of time perusing four issues of the New York Times; as a result, I am far more informed on both national and international events than I was four days ago. On Monday, I had only the foggiest notion of what was unfolding in Egypt, and I hadn’t any idea that uprisings have broken out in Libya, Iran, and Bahrain in response to the riots in Egypt. (Ehe, I think I’d entirely forgotten about Bahrain’s existence, actually. Though I shouldn’t have, after taking World Civilizations last year…whoops.) I also didn’t know that a court in Ecuador is suing Chevron for environmental damages or that the Prime Minister of Italy is currently embroiled in scandal. If my horizons have been so significantly broadened in such a short amount of
time, what possibilities might the future hold?