A Breathe of Fresh Air

Isn’t it nice when you can just sit and relax and take a deep breathe and not worry about having to do much of anything at the moment? If you say yes, then I can relate to you. Two tests and a paper in a matter of 3 days…the only person who could help me through it was God, and thank goodness He did!! Stress was probably the biggest word that came to my mind when I think about the last couple of days. But now, it’s the last thing that I think about and it’s awesome!!…at least for about 2 days haha. But I would definitely say this year, although more difficult, has been one of the best years I’ve had in a while! Breathing in fresh air and letting out stress just makes life more manageable, but sometimes, stress can be needed as well to whip you into shape. I think God for getting me through this week, because in doing so, this just prepares me for later on in life when I need to know how to properly cope with stress.