Singing and Fellowship

Well, March is in full swing already, and while it seems like every day is busy, I am especially looking forward to this weekend.  First, because Friday is the Athenian sponsored Spring formal, which is always a fun dance, but for the rest of the weekend I get to travel with the Choraleers to Lancaster and Rock Hill to sing.  Spring mini-tour!

If I haven’t already explained this, Choraleers is our main, auditioned concert choir at Erskine, with about fifty-five members.  Every spring, the Choraleers go on a choir tour, which is basically a trip full of singing, visiting churches, staying in people’s homes, and a great time of fellowship (and silliness) for the whole choir.  My freshman year we went on a tour to Charleston and Savannah, last year we went to Florida, and this year we are going to Prague and Salzburg – that’s right, Europe!  I, unfortunately, cannot go on this tour after coming back from a semester in Spain, because my bank account simply won’t let me.  However, for those who, like me, may not be able to go on the European tour (which happens every few years), we have a spring mini-tour.

The mini-tour is more a less an opportunity for us to minister to local churches that we wouldn’t usually visit during our regular tour.  This year we started mini-tour a couple of weeks ago at a church in Clemson, this weekend we are going to Lancaster and Rock Hill for most of Saturday and Sunday, and next week we will be singing right here in Due West at the ARP church.  This week’s concerts are particularly exciting because we have more than one concert, and since we are going farther away we get a hint of the larger tour experience, riding on the bus and staying in homes.

I have to take a moment to explain the excitement of a home stay; everyone is paired with another choir member (to help keep track of each other), and these pairs sometimes get to stay at the homes of church members where we sing.  This is one of the most fun experiences of tour because you meet people and get to know them more than you could by simply talking for a little while after the concert.  Depending on who you get paired with in the choir, also, you end up getting to spend more time with someone you may or may not know well.

Going out into the community and singing is a ministry for the choir, because music is a powerful way to reach people.  We all enjoy singing, and our audiences enjoy listening to us, but the beauty of a Christian college is that we believe what we are singing in our sacred songs; before singing, we always pray that the Holy Spirit will use our music to reach people in the congregation in the same way that creating the music reaches us.

So for all the reasons that I love it, I am looking forward to an enjoyable weekend singing and having good times of fellowship.