It’s amazing how much our personalities change in college. In high school, I wasn’t that girl who had a ton of girl friends and had sleepovers all the time. Rather, I was that girl whose friends mostly revolved around her sports teams during the week, and her books during the weekend. However, coming to college changed that for me, as I learned how to exist in a community with people other than myself.


The idea of moving into a dorm with sixty other girls pretty much freaked me out. Having only had one sister to fight over things with, I couldn’t imagine getting along with all of these people. However,  now, I spend time wondering what I am going to do when I am living alone and don’t have someone to check my outfit, help me zip up my dress, or just to come by and drag me away from the computer for a while. I attribute much of this personality change to college itself, but also a portion of it to my beautiful Athenian sisters.


This is one of those points in the semester when my literary society spends a great deal of time together. Planning rush, hosting a formal, and preparing for the pageant allows us a chance to grow in our sisterhood and our faith. Although this past week was filled with two papers, tests, and a thousand meetings, I wouldn’t trade those days or nights spent with those beautiful women for anything. I say all of this to encourage you reading, whether you are 14 or 42, to go out and spend time with your friends. As much as you may feel you have to do or as inconvenient as it may seem sometimes, it is those moments spent with each other that teaches us the most!