30 Hour Famine

Love HungryHave you ever caught yourself saying, “I’m starving?”

I definitely have and until a couple of weekends ago I didn’t realize the harsh reality for people who truly are starving, not just in other countries, but in my very own community. So, I decided to challenge myself and help raise money for kids who truly are starving by participating in a 30 Hour Famine with some fellow students.

We started the famine off with an opening session at the local church. We watched a couple of promo videos about some general facts about hunger and also prayed over the weekend. The week has been kind of stressful because of tests and such, but I knew that God has something in store for me that weekend. I asked the Lord to take me out of my comfort zone that weekend and I really don’t think I fully realized what exactly I was getting into, but I asked and boy did I receive.

That weekend I ended up spending my time with some people at my school that I don’t often hang out with. And you know what? That was one of the best weekends I’ve had at Erskine in a while. For a moment in time, my eyes were opened to a group of people who are completely different from me, but very funny and cool. After spending time playing pool and Uno and just chilling with them, I came to an even bigger realization about the people around me – Erskine is filled with people who on the surface seem to have it all together, but who are really struggling with stuff on the inside.

It doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not these people are Christians or not, because we all have struggles. It had more to do with the fact that sometimes as Christians we tend to only hang around those that we’re comfortable around, such as other Christians. And sometimes as Christians, we like to keep our problems under wraps in fear that our witness will be messed up. Why do we even think that?! How silly is it that we believe more people will come to Christ by our “perfect” witness, when in fact, some people are turned off to Christianity because they don’t think they can ever reach the level of perfection that some Christians seem to portray. Authenticity is what we should be displaying.

It’s more of a testament to our faith when we go through struggles and come out of them triumphant simply because we were real with God, real with ourselves, and real with others.

I asked God to take me out of my comfort zone and He used that to teach me an important lesson in loving others. Erskine is small…very small. lol. But it’s small size allows students to truly get to know each other – if they are willing to branch out and meet people. I tend to stick around the same crew and I’m not saying that it’s not important to surround yourself with a good group of Christian friends, but I am saying that there are times when God calls you to reach out to people who don’t think like you, don’t talk like you, and don’t believe the same things you do, and when He calls, I pray that you will listen.