Athenian Formal

I know the whole Disney princess thing is cliche, but I really did feel like Cinderella the weekend of the Athenian formal.

I went from this:


to this:


all because of my wonderful fairy godmother for the night: Hannah Collins.

I was locked up in my dorm room, not because of my evil stepmother and stepsisters, but because of homework and the fact that I didn’t like anything in my closet. So to the rescue, comes my wonderful soul sista (we sing together…think Mariah and Whitney. haha), Hannah Collins, to help me pick out an outfit. She searched through my closet and said, “Seriously Schadell, do you not own anything of color?” Sadly, most of my closet is black, white, and gray. ha. She waved her magic wand and this fabulous blue strapless dress appeared…Ok, so more like she kept looking through  my closet until she discovered the dress on my roommate’s side of the closet. lol. She proceeded to fix up my hair and get me all coordinated with accessories and then I was off to the ball in a horse driven carriage…Ok, so more like I was off to a formal at this beautiful old house in a 15 passenger van.

The point is I had a great time getting ready and a great time at the formal as well. Dancing the night away with friends was a great way to stop thinking about school and just focus on having some fun with friends.

Athenian Formal

Athenian Formal