What a Week!

Most likely there is no need to explain to you the immense joy that comes when the words “spring” and “break” are used together in a sentence. Well, last week I was lucky enough to enjoy these two words back in my hometown. However, I find humor in the contrast of the spring breaks I experienced in high school with those that I have had during college. While in high school, spring break usually meant prom followed by a week spent at the beach or some cruise or vacation. The most important goal was NOT to be at HOME! However, this year, I found myself counting down the days until spring break so that I could just go HOME! The object was to spend as much time in my own bed and sleep as much as possible.

photo (3)


What accounts for this difference in perception? Well, I find that the longer I am at school, the more I think about home. While I thoroughly enjoy my time at Erskine, there is still nothing like my own bed, my own room, showering without shoes on, and eating food that wasn’t prepared for 600 people. Living about three and half hours away, I typically only have this luxury on breaks about every two months. Therefore, a combination of those things accompanied by no work is like Christmas all over again! Now I won’t lie, most of my break was spent catching up on my education portfolio, but at least I was in my pajamas watching t.v. most of the time.

Most importantly, however, I love having the opportunity to spend time with my family such as my sister. Attending colleges at different ends of the state, I don’t have many chances to visit her, and with her marriage arriving soon, I was thankful to have a weekend of sister bonding that has been long overdue. Whether shopping at Wal-Mart, or representing our country roots at the horse races, it is nice to remember the people and paths that have led me to where I am now.