Relay for Life

Do you know someone who has even been affected by cancer? Chances are that you do because today the National Cancer Institute estimates that 8 million people have a history of cancer. These statistics show why Erskine places a great deal of emphasis on raising money for Relay for Life! From individual societies to the campus as a whole, fundraisers and events make the community aware of this great cause while also raising money to help support the fight against cancer!

As a member of the Athenian Literary Society, I am proud to have taken part in hosting the annual Miss Erskine Pageant which raises money for Relay. Each society is asked to have one girl represent them through participation in the pageant. Admission fees as well as general admission assisted us in gaining great support for this fight. This week we will also see the activities of Greek vs. Geek week ending with the Relay for Life walk on Friday.


Miss Erskine Pageant 2011

If you have never taken it upon yourself to support this cause, you should definitely reconsider. Whether it is donating money or just showing up to support those who are fighting the battle, taking part in Relay for Life is a great way to support not only your community but also your world.