A Greater Cause

This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to assist with a Field Day that was held on Erskine’s campus. This special day was filled with smiles as local schools allowed children from their special needs classes to come and enjoy an afternoon with college students, many of whom are education majors. While I was only able to help at the last minute, Epsilon worked extremely hard to prepare for this event and offered a fun-filled day of activities for students of all ages.

After eating lunch in the Pavilion, students were able to travel to various stations to decorate puppets, play with bubbles, have their face painted, and so much more. I throughly enjoyed working with students as they decorated puppets. The  imagination of children always intrigues me as they are so open and free in their creations. Watching them work and develop their ideas serves as a reminder and great inspiration to think outside of the ordinary and engage in unique experiences.Field Day 2 Edit

Although I always enjoy working with children, spending the day serving these special students is a real treat that touches my heart. Working with those who must try much harder at things than I do reminds me to be grateful for my talents and abilities and to thank God for all that he has given me. Each child has his own unique assets to offer the world and I enjoy helping to discover them, as children often help me to discover things about myself. Working for this greater cause is a magnificent community experience and Angela Schwindt, an Oregon mom and teacher, sums it up perfectly in her statement, “While we try and teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”