Peforming Arts at Erskine

Elizabeth and Aimée in a recent drama productionI had no idea when I decided to come to Erskine how much my appreciation for the fine arts would be cultivated during my time here. Certainly, I knew and appreciated that Erskine is a liberal arts college, and I hope to always be growing to better love the good, the excellent, and the beautiful in life. I didn’t realize, however, what a plethora of incredible musical productions and plays would become suddenly available to me as a college student here at Erskine. Indeed, it seems that almost every other month there is a choral performance, a play, or even an opera of some sort or another, all of which are, without fail, excellent in caliber.

Such opportunities are also available in abundance at other schools, but Erskine, as a small school, is unique in that every production is put on by people I know. This makes all the difference; for, while I would certainly enjoy watching any production put on by fellow students, to be honest, when homework and other responsibilities are looming, I know that I would likely A scene from the 80s musical put on this January forgo many performances were they not given by close friends. But who could possibly pass up the opportunity to see friends’ extraordinary performance in the J-term musical cabaret or the opera workshop? Consequently, I have ended up attending numerous amazing fine arts events during my time here at Erskine and in the process have gained a far greater understanding of and appreciation for
various types of music and drama. Even if music and theater aren’t your passion or forte, learning to take joy in the finer things of life is always worthwhile. And if the performing arts are your passion…well, perhaps you should visit Erskine.