Living it up on the Coast

What makes a trip unforgettable?? For me it is trying new things and being able to say, “Man, I was blessed to be able to do that!” Spring break OAU trip was just that! We horse crab hunted, performed 7-point pike turns, dodged (dead) jellyfish, chased a drifting kayak, ate fire engulfed tinfoil surprises and spotted a pirate ship at the sea port and lived to tell the stories! Listen up!

Once upon a time, there was a brave group of a dozen Erskine scholars that were wanting an adventurous spring break experience. …Just kidding, just kidding. I won’t go on in story theme because the fun we had doesn’t need to be dressed up by a story!

cobbleThanks to Erskine’s hOAUttest organization, I was able to explore the island of Tybee and the historical town of Savannah. What a neat island! I went sea kayaking for the first time; and it was quite a challenge! When we reached our destination, small Tybee Island, we explored. We found horseshoe crabs, dead beached jelly fish and numerous shells for crafts. We were feeling rather adventurous and tested our kayaking and pike turning skills. I’ll just say that we turned a 3-point turn into a 7…. it was a learning experience.

The camping was another unforgettable component of the trip that brought me back to my childhood.  We made everything over the campfire. My favorite creation was pita pizzas. It was a pita wrap with spaghetti sauce, cheese and pepperoni folding in half, wrapped in tinfoil and literally thrown in the fire! Recipe for deliciousness! We also did the usual camping activities of a campfire pow-wow, put up tents in the dark and watched the elite eight on a projection screen. But otherwise we camped like Tom Hanks and Wilson on Castaway. I told you it was an experience like no other!

rrrWe also got out into civilization and roamed the historic streets of downtown Savannah. Hundreds of years old cobble stone was underneath us and meaningful monuments all around us. What caught my eye was the pirate ship “Rrrrr!” But what a neat and beautiful town. I’d go back!

It was an unforgettable trip with great company, good times and new experiences 🙂