SHOWing Off

Do you ever wish that you had one of those talents that you could show off to someone? Well, I do because most of my talents involve weird stuff that no one would probably care about. However, other folks here at Erskine have amazing qualities and creativity and express themselves in magnificent forms of art. I was able to experience the beauty of their talents this past Friday evening as the senior art majors hosted their senior exhibition: Juxtaposed Harmony, in the Bowie Arts Center Gallery.

Art 2

"EYEdentity" by Mary Alex Senn

Seven talented seniors worked diligently throughout their Erskine careers to assemble enough pieces to host this show as their time at college comes to an end. Not only do they take the time create each piece, but also to arrange their pieces to mirror their themes and personalities. Each student focused on a particular theme ranging from “Contrasting Realities” to “A Moment Magnified.” During this two hour opening, each artist was present to watch his work be admired as well as speak to the crowd about his inspirations.

Art 1

Works by Hannah Oates

Viewing the various art pieces hanging in the gallery was a memorable experience as I was able not only to enjoy wonderful works of art, but appreciate them even more by knowing the artists who created them. Many of the pieces contained people or places familiar to the Erskine campus and surrounding community which added a unique element to the show. Overall, I most enjoyed the excitement and happiness on the artists’ faces as they experienced the feelings of pride and accomplishment. Having seen them stress over the past month about preparing for this show, I was relieved for them and admired their final masterpieces!