Room to Grow

It’s good to be a senior.

Fine, so I’m not a senior yet, but it’s good to be a rising senior, when it means that you get to live in one of the best rooms in the dorm next year.

Last week was the great event of room selection, which is a pretty big deal because, after all, where you will live for the next year is important.  My current roommate and I get along beautifully and will be staying together for the third year, so it’s nice to have that well-established (though Anna and I ended up together through the “asking around” method, after both of our freshman roommates got positions as SLAs for our sophomore year).  We have been in the same room in Robinson Dorm for the past two years, and though we love it, after two years we decided to try for one of the bigger rooms on the front side of the dorm.

Anna and I, accidentally matching that day.

Anna and I in our room.

I had to draw my lottery number early, because we had a play that evening and I had to be there early to get my costume on, so I was extremely excited when I drew the sixth slot for senior room selection!  Anna and I had talked about which rooms we wanted ahead of time, so she signed us up and I had to wait, hoping that one of our top few were open.

Aaaand… we got our first choice, one of the four biggest rooms in the dorm, right across the hall from where we are now!  Needless to say, I am pretty excited about our room next year, and we’ve already started thinking about what changes we might want to make, since we’ll have a good bit more room.  Granted, our current room is not that small, because all of the rooms in Robinson are decently large, but the one next year is a good bit larger.  Although we have fun every year deciding how to arrange the furniture so that it fits well, next year it won’t be so much of a puzzle to make everything fit well.  Ah, the benefits of being a – rising – senior.