Freedom to Worship

With hands lifted high...we worship our Savior.

With hands lifted high, we worship our Savior.

People of different majors, different countries, different races, different sports, different ministries, all came together to worship our God and Savior about a month ago.

Why am I just now writing about it?

Well, at the time I don’t think I fully appreciated and valued the ability to be able to come together and worship our Lord so freely. Not only do I live in a country where I can express my religious beliefs freely, but I also go to a college that doesn’t shove the Bible down my throat. Instead Erskine encourages me to examine what I believe and freely express my beliefs.

There’s something very powerful about corporate worship. The Bible declares that where two or more are gathered in His name, there He will be. That night we had quite a crowd and the presence of God was definitely heavy.

A lot of times, as a worship leader, I get so caught up in the details of the music and making sure everyone is on the right harmony and the instruments are keeping a steady beat, that I forget the point of it all. None of that is for my glory. None of that is to hear people say well done. None of that is to please mankind. All of that is to bring glory to God. All of that is to hear people say they were touched by the music. All of that is to heal mankind.

Music has the ability to heal a multitude of problems.
I’m a firm believer that music about our Savior goes deeper than secular music.
It literally can go straight to the heart.

So, do yourself a favor and tune your radio to something other than a pop, hip-hop, rap, station. Fill your mind with positive, uplifting, Christan music (not that stuff labeled Christian…but songs that actually talk about our Savior). It’ll lift your spirits and leave you feeling extremely fulfilled.