Keeping Perspective

“Perspective is a lovely hand to hold.”  I have a good friend who quotes these Reliant K lyrics frequently, and the phrase comes to mind when I think of many of the events of the past week.

The end of the school year gets a little crazier every year, because everything seems to pile up as time runs out to squeeze it all in – from concerts to exams, end of the year banquets, electing organization officers for the next year, packing to move out, and trying to fit in some time to spend with friends before leaving for the summer.  With everything going on, of course it is easy to get frustrated, overwhelmed, or just burned out, so keeping a positive perspective is absolutely necessary to finish the year in one piece.  Luckily, every year I am pleasantly reminded of how much prayer helps me keep myself sane, and everything always finishes out well.

Another thing that can be difficult to deal with at the end of the year is all the changes.  Transitioning to a new year of school means that all the seniors you have grown to be friends with will move on to new things and that a different class of freshmen will come in the fall.  There are sometimes changes in professors, you will have to adjust to a new schedule, perhaps a new roommate, probably a new room, and most likely more responsibilities when the fall comes.  And, of course, there are those who are just looking forward to summer and a break from schoolwork. . . which describes most college students.

The end of the year really hit me in the past week, realizing so many of my friends will not be moving back in the fall, that my class will be the oldest students on campus, in charge of so many organizations and events, and that it will be our last year at Erskine.  Senior year – this is exciting and intimidating at the same time.  However, I am trying to remember that even though I will miss my graduating friends, and next year will be different, I do still have an entire last year to enjoy Erskine, and I’m sure that it will be as full and wonderful as my first three have been.

My end of the year perspective: being thankful for what will come as much as what has been.