Saying Goodbye

So another year has come and gone like the blink of an eye. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was a freshman trying to figure out the college scene. Oh, how far I’ve come since freshman year. Ha. I’ve learned a lot since then–academically and most importantly, spiritually.

God used my various involvement in different organizations to teach me how to use my gifts and talents for His glory. I never would have thought that I could have handled being a praise and worship leader, a director for our business club, the new editor-in-chief of our student newspaper, a member of a volunteer based club, an officer for our choir, or a member of an additional choir, on top of 18 hours worth of classes. But by the grace of God, I did it and finished well.

Honestly, all that I just mentioned wasn’t even the hardest part about this year. No, the hardest part came earlier this week when I realized I had to say goodbye to people I truly care about.

Now, graduation is most certainly a joyous occasion, but at a school like Erskine it amazed me at how quickly I got so close to members of the senior class. I’ve made several friendships that I know I don’t ever want to see end. So it was difficult to say goodbye. Senior year of college isn’t like high school. This time around, your true friends are going all over the place. Wherever that job opportunity arises, or wherever that special someone wants to settle down, becomes your friend’s’ new home.

Certain goodbyes in particular were hard for me, but the truth is God brings people in and out of your life as He sees fit. Some are only meant to stay for a season. Others may go but come back. Either way, I’ve had to rest in the fact that God is still good and that if certain friendships are meant to last then they will.

True friendship can never be severed by distance.

The roomie, me, and Neely at Graduation

The roomie, me, and Neely at Graduation