The Mirror

Have you ever read a newspaper while drinking your morning coffee? news

Chances are if you’re close to my age, you probably haven’t. Instead, you probably get your news online via Twitter, Facebook, an RSS feed, or a mobile news website.

That’s why I was thrilled when Erskine asked me to head up the steering committee to bring back our student newspaper, The Mirror,  in an all online format.

Erskine’s newspaper was once the second best college newspaper in the state of South Carolina. So, I was definitely feeling the pressure to provide the student body, faculty/staff, and alumni, with a paper that would not only appeal to a different generation of news junkies, but also still be fair and balanced as possible, and full of stories that are factual and encourage students to observe what’s going on in and outside of the Erskine bubble.

We were all able to rally together to pull it off. We unveiled our brand new website May 6, 2011. For real though, I feel the best is yet to come. I’ve got all summer to plan exactly what the new Mirror will entail, but I definitely expect to deliver all that I mentioned above. I’d love to go into broadcast journalism one day if I don’t end up singing, so this paper is going to be a great experience for me. I’ve already had some challenges amongst leadership and with staff writers, but that’s the thing about being a student leader. You have to learn to roll with the punches. I’m just excited that I get to step up, create, and deliver something new to Erskine. It’s a way that I can leave a legacy for future Erskine students.

As for the website…

I’ll let it speak for itself: