Making Adjustments

As the end of the school year approaches, most students find themselves dreading exams and saying “I just cant wait to go home.” Well, I found myself as one of “most” students this year as I dreaded my finals and could not wait for those boxes to be packed which is the official sign that school is over! However, I found that as I packed and waited for that day to leave, I had trouble deciding if I was going home…or leaving home.

College began a new chapter in my life two short years ago and I often seem to forget that. Erskine has become a home to me as I live there 9 months out of the year. Sadly, returning to my house feels temporary as I know I will ultimately return my things to Erskine. However, I embrace living at my house for the summer and seeing my family although it requires a few minor adjustments…some better than

1) Making my bed is no longer an option
2) Dinner is not prepared at 5:00pm
3) 10:00pm is considered “late”
4) Midnight trips o IHOP don’t exist
5) I can’t walk next door to see what my friends are up to
6) I don’t drop off my dishes for someone else

The most important adjustment to make, however, is growing up. Having just turned 20 years old, I am realizing more than ever how close I am to entering the real world. Independent adult life is right around the corner. Therefore, I plan to embrace my next two years in the safe zone at Erskine and prepare myself to enter a new stage of this crazy thing we call life.