Back in the Swing of Things

I am sure this no surprise to any of you, but summer break is officially over! However, while this common fact unites all of us schoolers, my transition between summer break and school is slightly different. As an Erskine College student, I have the opportunity to be involved with so many clubs, societies and activities. One of those that I proudly represent is the Erskine College Orientation Staff, otherwise known as “O-Staff”. Along with the thought, hard work, and unique challenges that come with this position also comes a TON of fun!


The fun begins when we move back to campus about a week before the freshmen even get here! (Yes, I know, moving back to school before you have to just sounds insane). Spending time with friends, fixing up my room, and re-acclimating myself to Erskine life is a joy that I look forward to as I get to do it more than two days before classes start. Throughout the week we hold meetings, work in groups…oh yeah..and this year we played paintball! There is nothing like shooting at 7 of your closest friends, but anyways. All of this planning builds up to the exciting move-in day for freshman where the fun and excitement truly begins. After these new Erskine members say goodbye to their loved ones, O-Staff guides them as they embark on their four year journey in Due West.

So, maybe now the fun and relaxed feel of orientation is over and classes have begun, but the friends made during it are not. Now, I walk around campus and know most of the new freshmen I see along with the new friends I made planning the event.  I honestly feel like I have been here for months, which is a good thing. That is the thing about Erskine, coming back always makes me feel like I am still at home.