What to do?

Many people wonder what there is to do in Due West on a Friday night? Well, sometimes it can seem like much of nothing if you are looking for fancy dining or a night in the city. However, with a little searching, one can always find something to do. Erskine is famous for its unique types of fun such as tree golf, frisbee golf, or a trip to Lou and Perry’s. However, we also engage in a little bit of typical fun such as sporting events.

While we do not have a football team to root for on Saturdays, we do have 14 Varsity Sports teams to watch as well as several intramural teams to participate on. This past Friday night, I enjoyed a trip to the gym with my friends to cheer on the Fleet as the Women’s Volleyball team dominated St. Andrews with a score of 3-0. With this being the team’s third year of play, they are coming on strong as they have developed as players and as a team. Erskine also has gained Women’s Lacrosse in the past few years and is looking forward to the addition of Men’s Volleyball next school year.

After a long week of school, sometimes we don’t always want to go out all night and stay up until the wee hours of the morning. Rather, my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed dinner and the game, followed by a relaxing night of watching Sweet Home Alabama in the dorm lobby. Often times, it is the unexpected, uneventful activities such as this which foster friendships. Erskine isn’t the place to come for a roaring night-life, but it is the place for a friendship kindling atmosphere.