It’s my first blog =)

     Hello Everyone!  I am Taylor Wolfe, a senior at Erskine and this is my first blog!  I enjoy long walks on the beach and Oreo milkshakes….. Just kidding!   I do enjoy the occasional Cookout Oreo milkshake though.  I am a chemistry major who lives in the science building at Erskine and I am also on the Women’s Golf Team.  Most of my blogs this year will probably be about my life as a senior and the steps I am taking from here.  Erskine has played a big part in shaping me for my future and I am thankful for every experience I have had here!

     I have been on campus for about a month now and my schedule has been jam packed!  I arrived early for freshman orientation because; I am on the orientation staff.  We had planned a “Woodstock” themed long weekend of activities for the incoming freshman so they could meet their new classmates and get used to being at Erskine.  This is one of my favorite times at Erskine.  You are constantly meeting new people, seeing the excitement on parents’ faces when you unload their over packed car for them, and working with new people who become your close friends.  When orientation was over, it was time to begin classes.  This is the tough semester of senior year for me.   With upper level chemistry courses, applying to pharmacy schools, and being in charge of the Erskine Entertainment Board, I have realized that there is a lot on my plate.  At Erskine, you can be involved in so many different organizations because it is such a small school. 

     The organization I am most involved in at Erskine is the Erskine Entertainment Board (EEB).  I have been on the board since my freshman year.  We plan all of the big events on campus from concerts, to drive-in movies, and give-aways.  This year I am the Chair of EEB and I am so excited for the great events we have planned for the campus!  Since Erskine is not in a big city, I think it’s important for organizations like EEB to give the students something to do on the weekends or during a random weeknight.

     Now you know a little more about me and I hope you have enjoyed reading my first blog!! There will definitely be more to come! Stay tuned =)