A Little Excitement

My little friend in his chrysalis, waiting until Spring.

Have you ever seen a caterpillar make its cocoon?  It may sound suspiciously like a second grader to be so excited, but a couple of weeks ago I got to watch one do so, and I am now the proud guardian of a newly formed chrysalis.  From what a few biology-inclined students have told me (plus a little bit of poking around on the internet) this little guy won’t come out until spring, so until then I will have him sitting on my windowsill.

The story of how I got ended up with the chrysalis is blog-worthy, so I decided to share – plus, I wanted to share my excitement.  As is increasingly common knowledge around people I know at Erskine, I have a bug collection of about 40 specimens, including moths and butterflies, beetles, assassin bugs, spiders, cicadas, dragonflies, and anything else that we find and decide is worthy to be displayed.  So, when one of my friends found a big green caterpillar outside, she decided to bring it in for me to appreciate.

My roommate is an early childhood education major, and her students were learning about insects in science, so I offered to keep it for about a week so that she could bring it in to show them.  However, the next evening as I went to feed it some leaves, I noticed that was moving around in a funny way, and the more I looked I realized that it was making a chrysalis!  Long story short, it finished making its little nest in about a day and now it is sitting in the jar, slowly changing into a moth.  I am looking forward to bring it outside in the spring and watch it come out and fly away.

Ah, the little things in life.

4 comments on “A Little Excitement

  1. Monique Michel says:


    I love your stories! They are well written, original, always humorous and thoughtful!

  2. Bethany says:

    Please keep us posted! Does he have a name? We should have a party to celebrate his ‘first flight’ this spring!! Thanks for sharing Aimee!


    • Aimée says:

      He does! My friend Lolly (who brought him to me) and I named him Herman. I’ll let you know when he takes off!

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