Fall Break and a Little Bit More

Accepting the Sterling L. Smith Scholarship with President, Dr. Norman

Whew! Fall Break is over, but it was a much needed event in my life. While Erskine is a fun and exciting place to be, it also requires a great deal of hard work which can become exhausting over time. Therefore, I jumped at the chance to embark on vacation from school, dorm rooms, and dinner at five o’clock. However, I also had a wonderful event leading my way into the break.

Last year I was asked to apply for a scholarship that is given to one student from an independent college or university in South Carolina. Of course, I graciously accepted and thought nothing would come of it. Boy was I wrong! This summer I was given notice that the committee had chosen ME, and Erskine student, to be awarded this special honor as well as a little bit of scholarship money. Along with this honor was a wonderful luncheon, which occurred this past Thursday, presenting me as well as another scholarship winner. My parents were invited, and we even got to eat lunch with the President of Erskine at the ceremony. Now, how many people have even met the president of their college?

After giving an impromptu speech behind the other student who had a well-written and academic presentation, I hopped in the car to visit with my parents for the first time in two months! We drove to Indiana to visit my grandparents as well as other family members. I was so thankful that my professors worked this out with me and allowed me to attend both the ceremony as well as this trip with my family one day early. That is just one of those other great things about a small college! (Now don’t think that you don’t have to go to class and such, because you most certainly do. However, professors are human, too, and realize that special honors and family time are important as well).

So, now I am back to the routine of school, tests, and dinner at 5p.m. But, if schooling is what I am meant to be doing, I am sure glad to be doing it at Erskine!