Creepy Costumes and Concerts

Our door decorated for Halloween.

Halloween at Erskine may not mean much during the day, but in the evening there is no lack of festivities.  To begin with, this holiday is big in the women’s dorms.  There are there decorations put up in the buildings – in the lobbies as well as some individual rooms – and in the evening most of the girls dress up and give out candy.  That’s right, local children come trick-or-treating at Erskine in the dorms!  There are always crowds of children that come through, and we hand out treats and have activities in the lobbies for them to enjoy.

My Halloween costume - Medusa.

This year I wasn’t able to give out candy, because we had one of our final dress rehearsals during the same time, but my disappointment was somewhat abated by our (somewhat) traditional Halloween Extravaganza in the music department.  The concert begins at 11:00 and runs until around midnight, and features a variety of acts, instrumental and vocal, solo and collaborative.  It is always great fun to see so many people in all kinds of creative costumes – the professors as much as the students!  Some featured works this year were selections from Haydn’s “Surprise” Symphony, Beethoven’s famous Fifth Symphony on four hand piano, Hedwig’s theme from Harry Potter on solo violin, a ghoulish medley by the Chamber Singers, a Bach Fantastia on organ, one of Papageno’s arias from Mozart’s The Magic Flute, and the jazz band playing “Thriller”.  Costumes ranged from princesses to ghouls, Godzilla to Charlie Chaplin, Adele to Dexter Morgan, cowboy
s, wizards, and all kinds of creative characters!

My friend Lolly the Ringwraith playing "Hedwig's Theme" from Harry Potter.

Dr. Kuykendall as Dexter Morgan on piano(s), Peter as Godzilla turning pages, and Prof. Ellis the nerd singing one of Papageno's arias from Mozart's "The Magic Flute".











(Thanks to Allyson Bassett for a couple of her pictures that I borrowed from the concert!)