It’s Homecoming

I love Homecoming!!  It’s so exciting to see all of my friends that have graduated and are back at Erskine for a visit.  The homecoming festivities began with the Homecoming parade at twelve o’clock.  I was on the Homecoming court as a senior class representative so; I was able to ride in Erskine’s Model “A” driven by Buddy Ferguson.  The presentation of Homecoming Court was done during the half-time portion of the men’s soccer game.  I was so excited that my parents were able to come and be a part of my last Homecoming!  The representatives from each class filed onto the field and waited to hear the announcement of the Homecoming Queen.  Julia Price was named second runner-up, Amanda Reavis first runner-up, and I won Homecoming Queen!  I was so surprised!!  I was so excited and happy that I had won!  I have included some pictures of me with my friends and family at Homecoming!

My friends and I at Homecoming

                After homecoming I had to rush over to Bowie Arts Center for my big event of the semester, Fall Fest.  As chair of the Erskine Entertainment Board it was my job to make sure each person on the board knew their tasks for the day to make the event a success.  First, we had to meet to set up the lights and sound with the crew from Custom Audio.  This was an intense process and required most of the board to help lift and unpack.  When the stage was set, the bands began to arrive.  Sequoyah Prep School was first to arrive and they began a sound check to make sure everything was ready for the concert.  After our other band Prettier than Matt completed their sound check, the bands were fed and the gate was opened for students.  SCA had provided pumpkins for students to carve while they listened to the concert.  My friends printed out pumpkin carving templates and you can see them carving their pumpkins in one of my pictures!  Mario also made h
is famous homemade hot chocolate and apple cider to keep everyone warm.  I have included a picture of Mario with his family who came to help him distribute the drinks to the students!  Everyone loves to see Mario at an event because he is such a great cook!!  Prettier than Matt which features an alumni, Jessica Skinner, was first to perform.  She played some original material mixed with cover songs.  The students seemed to really enjoy her music!  I have included a clip of her singing “Hey Soul Sister” by Train if you click on the Prettier Than Matt link at the bottom of the page.  Everyone was excited for Sequoyah Prep School, the headlining band!  They had so much energy on stage and got the crowd off their feet!  All in all it was a great night! Such a busy day but well worth all work everyone put into Homecoming and Fall Fest!!  I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Mario and his family

My friends carving their pumpkin

Prettier Than Matt