Happy Halloween!

While Halloween did not involve a major celebration throughout my childhood, boy does it mandate one in the girls’ dorms! At Erskine, residence life is a huge part of campus life, especially in the female dormitories. Aside from the monthly cupcake decorating, spontaneous hot chocolate provided by the resident director, or necessary movie nights in the lobby, Halloween is a definite must. As you probably know, Due West is a small town. Well, small is actually an understatement. Anyways, due to the small population, there aren’t that many houses for the children to visit. However, with a college campus in town, they are provided with a huge opportunity to gain some candy. Opening the doors to both Carnegie and Robinson Hall, the halls become filled with little trick-or-treaters, and leave the residents wondering where all the children could have come from!

Beginning with the decorations, October must be started off right. Last year, it felt like every night was scary movie night during the month, but this year I think our schedules got the best of us. However, that did not limit the amount of activity on October 31st as several male and female students came dressed up, with bags and buckets full of candy. As hundreds of children dashed through the halls, I could not help smiling at their joy and excitement. Because I am an Early Childhood Education major, I pretty much live for this stuff. Some of the students from my teaching experience even came by to see me and were amazed at the fact they got to see my room and where I live. I forget how important those things are in a eight-year-old’s life. Even the President of the college walked through with his kids, one announcing that “his job is to figure out what he is supposed to be.” Man, he is only six and he has more figured out than me sometimes!

Well, Halloween is over, but now the countdown begins to Thanksgiving break. While Erskine is nice, and my friends are the best, there is still nothing like going home to a shower without shoes, a bed bigger than my body, and a house filled with family.