Me, Oblivious?

You know you’re not observant when…

The bus I ride to classes each day

…you ride the bus in the wrong direction for fifteen minutes before it dawns on you that you don’t recognize this part of town and are now on the outskirts of the city. Whoops.

I inadvertently took just such a detour the other day and ended up being forty-five minutes late for one of my two-hour classes that afternoon. I was tempted to be frustrated (and may have indulged in a moment or two of said emotion), but then I just had to laugh.

Guess I should pay attention to my surroundings—even if I’m intently listening to the conversation in Spanish going on next to me.
And I hope the people on the second bus I boarded didn’t think I was having a seizure…it’s just that, once I was again happily on my way to the university and had a moment to pause and think, I had trouble containing my laughter over my little “mishap”.

Of all God’s gifts, laughter is one of my favorites.