Time for Senior Seminar

                I cannot believe that almost four years have flown by!  I have been working so hard the past few weeks to complete my Senior Seminar presentation.  I am chemistry major so; we also have to complete a Junior Seminar which includes a presentation and a paper.  I chose to keep the same topic from my Junior Seminar for my Senior Seminar.  My topic for my seminar is the use of Calcitonin Gene Related Peptide Receptor Anatagonists to treat migraines.  I know this sounds like a complicated topic but, it is very interesting!  The seminar classes that Erskine offers for selected majors are very helpful when you are preparing for the next step.  Whether that next step is a career or graduate school, you will have to give a presentation or speak in front of a group of your peers and superiors at some point.  These classes help students become more comfortable with their public speaking abilities.  My Senior Seminar pres
entation went great! I am so glad that it is over and now I only have to finish the paper portion!  This is a picture of the CGRP receptor which was the basis of my presentation.