Show Time!

Well, I did it after all – we did it.  My show went off well on Friday, well-received by the audience and with a lot of fun on stage by the performers.

Friday was exceedingly wet; it was grey and raining steadily all day, and generally foreboding.  As I finished some of the last-minute details, I watched the puddles and rivulets forming outside, wondering if the foul weather would prevent some prospective audience members from attending.  I also could not help from feeling a little more nervous, in my already anxious state, about the weather being some kind of sign indicating a mishap to come later that evening.  Luckily, I was able to distract myself for most of the day with little projects, keeping my eyes and mind mostly off of the pouring rain.

Despite the weather, that evening we had an overwhelming audience of over a hundred – we ran out of programs!  Peeking out into the audience before the show, I was excited to see so many peers, parents, professors, and locals sitting there – it was rewarding to see so much support from the community.  Whatever their reasons for coming to the show (good publicity, the friend or family they came to see, jazz music), I was pleased that we got to share all of our hard work with so many people.

A shot of the cast during our opening number, "And All that Jazz".

Afterwards, most of the cast re-congregated in the lobby of one of the dorms for a cast party.  We watched a freshly-burned DVD of our performance and ate brownies and cupcakes.  It was fun to be able to celebrate our performance together, having the cast all congregated one more time.  As we watched ourselves bow and leave the stage on the recording, I could tell by looking around the room that everyone was as proud of what we accomplished as I was – I know that I couldn’t have done it without a great cast of talented vocalists and instrumentalists, and it turned out so well!  We have even been invited to perform selections in the coming semester at a couple of events, so perhaps the show is not over yet, after all.