A Good, Old-Fashioned Saturday

Today is the first Saturday of the semester, and it has been an almost perfect mixture of productivity and rest – an ideal combination after the first week of classes.

The day began nicely: I spoiled myself a little by not setting an alarm last night, so I woke up when my body had rested enough (what a great feeling!).  I got ready leisurely, did a little room-tidying, and headed to lunch.  Although the selection was less than ideal in the dining hall today, I found a good cereal that turned out to be just the thing I was craving, as well as some great conversation with someone who I don’t often sit down and talk with.

A fresh cup of tea before more homework.

Back in my room, I have been drinking tea and listening to an opera broadcast on NPR (live from the Met!), and slowly checking homework items off of my list.  I took a break to talk to my little brother a little on Skype, and now I’m back to working.  It is close to dinner time, after which I’ll resume working away at my homework.

Besides going to see a Sherlock Holmes play at the Abbeville Opera House this evening, nothing is really worth reading about my day, but I for some reason I feel extremely content.  I think that I am just enjoying the time; I have many things that I need to do, of course, but the beautiful thing is that I can do them at my own pace.  I’m rested, comfortable, enjoying time alone, and I feel wonderfully motivated to get things done – a rarity in college!  What a blessing to have a real weekend.

Sometimes it is just the simple things that can make you the happiest, isn’t it?