An Erskine Favorite: Movie Night

One of our favorite things to do at Erskine when we have free time (or just want a break from studying) is watch movies.  Many students invest in the small monthly fee for a Netflix subscription, but even if you don’t have this service one of the great things about living with hundreds of students your age is that there are plenty of movie collections to make use of!  Although I have a pretty good little case of movies of my own to choose from, if I want something different or have a certain movie in mind, all I have to do is ask my roommate, the girl down the hall, or a friend in another dorm to borrow a DVD, and I’ve got a new movie to watch.

Yesterday was a movie night; it was Saturday evening with nothing but homework to fill my time, so a couple of friends came over we popped in not one, but two movies in a row and made ourselves comfortable on our futon.  First was one of the most frequently watched movies on campus right now – Despicable Me.  Such a fun movie!  After that, we moved on to a classic, The Little Rascals.  Regardless of our age, college students seem to love watching children’s movies – and how can you not love them?  They are funny, cute, and full of little jokes and allusions that you never would have understood while watching them as a child.  Plus, every movie is more fun to watch with friends, so it’s an inexpensive and entertaining way to spend your free – or not so free – time.