Don’t Blink…

I start to feel old now as I look back and remember the days of applying to and interviewing at colleges. Back then, college seemed like such a huge step in life, much bigger than anything I had ever done before. However, now, college has become such an integral part of who I am, it is just life. I try to remember this as I think about my future and getting a job, moving out on my own, and taking that next big step. While it may seem scary now, soon enough, it will just be life.

I was reminded of these interesting truths this weekend as I assisted with the Presidential Scholarship Competition. Twenty-four students from various backgrounds arrived to interview and compete for this top scholarship. I could see the fear in their eyes and the apprehension in their shaking hands as they patiently waited to be called. (However, they seemed much less fearful and apprehensive than I did three years ago). As I spoke with several of them, assuring them that they would do wonderfully if they just remembered to be themselves, I could not believe I was now in this position that I once looked up to. Three years ago I thought these people seemed so old, mature, and adult-like. I couldn’t imagine being in that position, and now I am! Where has the time gone?

Three years may not sound like a long time to some people, but in the world of school and young adulthood, three years can seem like a lifetime. It is not so much the time that makes it feel so lengthy, but rather all of the changes that occur within that time. The past three years have marked important changes in my education, maturity, personality, appearance, friends, spirituality, and many more aspects of my life. I know that time will only seem to speed up from here, but I hope to still be able to look back on the time and realize my growth and progress. So…on those days that seem to last forever and you just can’t wait to get to sleep, remember the life that you might be missing. Be careful, don’t blink.