Good News!

An exciting update on grad school: first, and most importantly, after two rejections from the other schools, I have been accepted to the graduate vocal performance program at Converse College!  So, I have a new home to look forward to in Spartanburg in the spring, and the relief of knowing a definite answer to that most daunting of questions for every college senior: “What are you doing after graduation?”

The more I think about it, the more I am very pleased with the prospect of my next two years.  I am somewhat familiar with the school and the city, because my older sister, Nicole, got her undergraduate degree from Converse.  This means that I am somewhat familiar with the campus and the character of the school already, and that I can get good inside advice (and babysitting contacts!).  Also, it is a comfortable three hour drive from home (shorter than the distance from home to Erskine), and almost an hour and a half from Erskine – an easy drive to visit for a Choraleers concert, or for friends to come visit me for a weekend.  Also, though I love little Due West dearly, it will be exciting to live in an area with lots of opportunities to see concerts, plays, and other cultural events – both in Spartanburg and nearby Greenville.

Converse is also a small, comfortable size, comparable to Erskine, so I will still enjoy the feel of a small campus and a personal education.  Despite the size of the college, they have a large music department, so I will have opportunities to be involved in choirs, other ensembles, and (most exciting to me) operas.  Plus, there are very nice, brand-new apartments on campus that I definitely would not mind living in. . . a positive to know that I have a good place to stay!

In addition to this sense of accomplishment, I had my pre-recital hearing this morning and it went quite well.  I think that the good news yesterday about grad school helped me to relax, because I was hardly nervous this morning.  Now my recital is essentially ready for the big day on March 31 (coming soon!) so I just have maintain and polish my repertoire.  To top all of this off, Alpha Psi Omega, the theatre honor society that I am involved in, is putting on a Reader’s Theatre this evening, which is going to be really fun.

Although it started quite stressfully, and there may have been a couple of nights with extended naps rather than a good sleep, this week has turned out to be quite a good one!  I have overcome some big hurdles for this semester, so now I can focus on getting through midterms and look forward to leaving for choir tour in a week – Spring Break is so close!