Making Time

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged all semester. On one hand I feel like I have so much to catch you all up on. On the other hand I feel like I should start from now and move on. Either way, I hope you enjoy my little rant for the time being.

Tonight was a long night. But then again it is April. Quite possibly the busiest month for any student at Erskine. Quizzes, papers, tests, projects, presentations, etc. The list could go an and that’s just academic stuff. You can’t forget about the recitals, the convos to frantically attend cause you didn’t realize you have more convos to get before the ear ends, the meetings, etc.

But perhaps the one thing I always tend to forget during this month is the importance of making time for my friends. I try to justify all the work I do and all the things I’m involved in by saying its all preparation for my future, and while that’s true, I can’t help by think of all the little moments I may be missing out on with my friends.

The moral of the story is to make time for people. At the end of the day and after all the homework and meetings, your friends shouldn’t be neglected. People all crave love and attention. Sure it may be selfish, but there are times when someone genuinely needs someone to just be there and listen, someone to give advice, someone to just keep them company. Remember that next time you find yourself busy and swamped with work. Work is a priority but know how to discern when work must be out off for a brief moment with your futuregroundsman or bridesmaid, your future mate, or your future partner in crime at the nursing home you’ll both be in one day. After all, it’s Erskine. What would it be without friends?! They keep us sane!