Rainy Days

It’s a rainy day at Erskine which means I’d rather be sleeping than awake right now. I was up pretty late last night (it’s just that time of year…you know, that time when all the work you should’ve been doing piles up and now you’re completely overwhelmed, stressed, and sleep deprived).

But regardless, I will be going to class in the next hour and a half. It’s Bible and it’s an 8 am. But I’m thankful. Why? Because I will never have to take an 8am class again!! Can I get an amen?!

My day will continue on. I have time to nap before my HR class later with Dr. Abraham. He’s fairly new in the business department but he has definitely made an impact on my life. Last year, even through all he was facing with his wife and her passing, he kept teaching class. He’s such a great Christian example and a true man of integrity. That’s rare in business these days.

After that I go off to Music & Politics taught by Dr. Woodiwiss and Dr. Kuykendall. Two of the most interesting and professors I’ve been taught by this year at Erskine. Music has always been such a huge part of my life so it’s cool to be able to see how it’s connected to politics. We get into some pretty heated discussions but it’s nice to open the mind and be open to different peoples interpretations of things.

Usually, I would go to Choraleers after that class but this week we have a bit of a break before graduation. It’s crazy to think that next year around this time my fiends and I will no longer be those bright-eyed and bushy-tailed freshman we once were. We will be seniors, young adults with certain skills under our belts with hopes and dreams to go out in the world and make some sort of an impact.

Acting class follows lunch and an afternoon nap (even though by now you’ve gathered that I take not one but two naps on Monday’s and Wednesday’s). It’s taught by Michael Genevie, current director of Abbeville’s Opera House. He’s a fun guy and I’ve always wanted to get back to my acting roots. I started acting on stage before I started singing so it’s neat to be able to come back and revisit an art that I didn’t even realize I missed so much until now.

Since its Wednesday, I will be attending FCA later in the evening. I’m still leading worship which has once again been a great experience for me. God has truly been working on me all year and I thoroughly enjoy being able to let God use my voice to minister to people. Tonight we are going to have the pastor of my church and his wife and another church couple come and answer our questions about anything and everything from a biblical perspective. I’m definitely looking forward to it and will most likely make another post about how it went later tonight.

Well, that’s my typical Wednesday. Monday’s are similar. I hope you’ve enjoyed all of that. If not, don’t worry I’m not offended. It’s just a peak into a typical day at Erskine for me.

It’s still raining…maybe I’ll get an email about class being cancelled…