Last night SCA hosted a concert featuring 2Moon ministry. They are a father-daughter team and it was so awesome because they not only shared their music with us but also their testimonies.

I was at Outback last night for dinner (check the previous post) and wasn’t planning on making it back in time for the SCA concert. I dropped my friends off at their dorms and was about to turn around to go back to my own when I felt God telling me to go to the concert. So I did. I mean when God tells you to do something, you do it. Or you suffer the consequences.

There was a time for prayer toward the end and as I sat in my seat, I began to weep, desperately. Lately, I’ve been battling a lot so I cried out to God for answers and He gave me one. It wasn’t at all what I wanted to hear but it was exactly what I needed.

The coolest part though is the way in which He told me. After the concert I lingered hoping to speak to the artists. When I stopped to speak the father looked me straight in the eyes and began to speak to me. For that moment I felt nothing but God. No one else was in the room. Just he and I and God. God used him to tell me something I’ve been waiting so long to hear.

My life won’t ever be the same from that point. Why? Because last night I realized how far I’d strayed from the straight and narrow and what it’s going to take to redirect my steps. God never gave up on me. He let me find out some things and learn from my own mistakes the hard way but He has restored me and forgiven my sin. He has reassured me of His presence and that I am still destined for greatness.

I have a purpose on this earth and I will not rest, even though I may grow weary, until I figure out exactly what that purpose is.

So be encouraged, for you too have a very definitive purpose for your life. Let God lead you instead of being stubborn. If you don’t take heed you’ll find yourself unhappy and discontent. And take it from me, that life filled with shallow happiness is worth nothing compare to one that’s filled with unconditional love and joy!