a bump in the road

I was recently thrown a curve-ball concerning my upcoming trip to Scotland, which begins one month from today.  On Thursday afternoon, I received an email from St. Andrews about my accommodations for next semester:  I was offered a single room in an apartment which I realized is about a 25-30 minute walk from where the majority of my classes will be.  (The apartments are owned and run by the university, but from what I have found there is no public transportation that far from campus.)  I would have fewer meals per week covered, and the fees for this option would be quite a bit more money than I was anticipating.  Though I would not necessarily mind sharing an apartment with four people for the semester, I was looking forward to living on campus in a residence hall much closer to the heart of the city and campus.

It is not customary for the university to amend offers of accommodation, but I emailed their office that night outlining my hesitations regarding the offer and to inquire whether there is any other room available.  I received a kind reply the following morning from a woman in the office letting me know that she brought it to the attention of her manager and that they would respond to the matter as soon as possible.  (I have always been impressed by the University’s prompt and friendly replies to any inquires I have had.)  Unfortunately, they are now closed for the holidays until January 3, so I will not know for a while yet.  I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying that this will all work out for the best.  I have faith that I will end up where I’m meant to be, and I know I will make the most of the situation however it turns out.  If I do have to walk an hour or two every day, I will certainly become accustomed to the cold weather much more quickly, and I will never have to worry about lack of exercise!

I will keep you updated on the situation; I will also be writing more soon about the whole study abroad process thus far as well as my fall semester at Erskine.  God bless and enjoy the Season!