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As you may have gathered from reading my past blog posts, I am going to study abroad in Scotland this semester. This is one of those amazing opportunities Erskine offers to all of its students but few ever take up on. I am hoping this is because they are just having so much fun at Erskine, and not because this is something terrible about Scotland that I do not know yet! πŸ˜›

What is rather interesting about this entire trip to Scotland is that I never decided that I was going to study abroad. It just sort of happened! One night around midnight (it is at this point when all of our best life decisions are made, of course) I was hanging out with my friend Heather in the lobby of one of the dorms. You might remember Heather from my last post, but Heather and I were not running in this story. We were sitting in the lobby eating junk food and watching YouTube videos when another one of my friends walked by. Tiffany walked by and announced that she was thinking about studying abroad next year, and showed us some of the amazing pictures of Scotland online.

Perhaps one of my favorites is the picture of the Scottish sunrise (this picture was taken about four days ago!)

Perhaps one of my favorites is the picture of the Scottish sunrise (this picture was taken about four days ago!)

The next week was the study abroad meeting, and I decided to go along with her. Tiffany would be there, and the guy giving the presentation was rumored to be straight from the UK with the accent to match. Despite these amazing pluses, I almost did not go because I would have to miss gospel choir practice to attend. I finally decided to attend the study abroad meeting, but made myself feel better about it by promising myself that I would never skip a gospel choir practice again.

Tiffany and I spent the next afternoon trying to figure out if either of us was eligible to go. We talked about class schedules and went to see several professors and advisers. For me, it was mostly an entertaining afternoon as I imagined the fun of going abroad without actually having any serious intentions of following through. Kind of like a fun daydream. Until they told me that I was eligible to go.

And just like that, Tiffany and I were going to Scotland!! So with really no long-term planning on my part, suddenly, I was going! Ten days before the idea had not even crossed my mind. Should I try to describe to you how happy we were? I will just give you a hint: Tiffany and I held hands and literally skipped all around campus for the rest of the day singing. Everyone on campus must have assumed had really enjoyed our most recent math lecture on proofs by induction! πŸ˜›

When Tiffany and I are happy, we are happy!

When Tiffany and I are happy, we are happy!

Of course, the process to actually go abroad is a little more complicated than that. We had to fill out applications and forms. We had to sign things and attend meetings. We had to register, make plans, and buy plane tickets. But none of those things were too hard: Erskine gives each study abroad student a checklist of the things they need to do to successfully study abroad, and St. Andrews has one too. All we had to do was follow the directions, and we were set!

Now it is only about a month until we board our first plane. If it were possible for people to die of excitement, I would have been dead a month ago. Two weeks ago I got an email letting me know where I would be living. That’s right: Holly will live in a CASTLE for the next four months!

This is the castle where Tiffany and I will live for the next four months :)

This is the castle where Tiffany and I will live for the next four months πŸ™‚

Should I throw in a little advertisement here? I think so! If you are an Erskine Student, this opportunity can be yours! Erskine has a FANTASTIC deal with St. Andrews so that all of your financial aid for Erskine will transfer to St. Andrews for the semester. As a student at St. Andrews, you are also still considered a full-time at Erskine. And all of the credits transfer as pass/fail classes! Could life get any better??

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    I’m so excited about your upcoming adventure, and thanks for writing about it for us! πŸ™‚

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    PS. I’m pretty jealous about the castle thing. lol

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