Let The Blogging Begin

Hello Readers!

I guess this is my formal introduction to the Erskine Blogging World and so for starters I would like to let you (the readers) know a little bit about me. My name is Robert Duran, but nobody has called me Robert since my first grade teacher, who did so against my suggestion. Since then I have been called a lot of things but most commonly “Bobby”.

I am a North Carolina native and was born and raised in a small but beautiful corner of the world called Kings Mountain. I will spare you the grand story of my life, but a few details will help paint a picture of how and why I ended up in Due West.

At age 12 I became a Christian and joined the church that I still call home, Pisgah Associate Reformed Presbyterian (ARP for short). As you may or may not be aware, Erskine College is the college of the ARP Church and therein lies the connection. But though I spent the entirety of my young adult life in a church and with people who often talked about Erskine, I never took it for granted that this was where I would end up for my undergraduate education. As a matter of fact I very nearly ended up at another college studying something completely different than what I have undertaken here.

But God has a funny way of making sure that we end up where He wants us to be. In the end there was just some kind of pull, call it what you will, that would not let me turn my feet from Erskine College. And so in August of 2010, I began my freshman year here. I was a late declarer when it came to my major (as many often are), but I found no subject more interesting and fulfilling than The Bible. As it just so happens, the Bible and Religion Department here at Erskine is phenomenal.

No Erskine experience is typical. Even on a campus this small, each person is going to forge a unique experience, and I am no exception. This particular endeavor, my career as a blogger, has found me in the twilight semester of my time here at Erskine. Come December, I am going to be graduating (a bit ahead of schedule) and moving on to the next stage of life with all that it entails. But for the time being I am glad to be able to share my experiences, past and present, with whoever cares to know.

God bless!