A Student’s Point of View

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I think it is high time that I actually talked about my role as a student, as this is a college blog and that is my primary role here in Due West. Though the appeal and the charm of Erskine extends far outside of the classroom, there is so much value in our academic rigor.

As a Bible major I have been blessed to study academically that subject which is my current and eternal passion: God and His work in this world. I have found the work to be vastly challenging but equally rewarding. Not to mention the fact that my studies have proven immensely practical as I pursue summer and weekend ministry opportunities where I can employ the things that I have been taught. It has started me down a path where learning is not simply confined to the head. It moves out through the hands and feet of a student, making study not a matter of merely checking a box or jumping a hoop, but a matter of passion and vocation. My next step, Lord willing, will be enrolling as a seminary student and then the focus will be intensely practical, with weekly work to supplement my studies. Nothing could have prepared me for that like Erskine has.

Erskine is full of brilliant professors, and the Liberal Arts education means that I get to sample the brilliance of all of the departments. One of the greatest things about ‘being forced’ to take classes from a variety of disciplines, is that I have been given the chance to appreciate other subjects that I might have never been exposed to otherwise. I sometimes think back to the time when I chose my major and think of how it might be different had I known about all of the amazing English and History classes that I have been able to take. I do not regret my Bible major, but even now I am in a Chemistry class for Chem Majors and have been able to find the problems fun like puzzles and the practical insights very intriguing. There have been many classes (Biology, American Military History, Creation Fiction Writing, etc.) that I never imagined enrolling in, let alone enjoying them as much as I did! My time as a student has been full of classes like that. Don’t get me wrong, every day of every class is not my idea of paradise. Sometimes it depends on the day or the time of day (8 AM classes should be illegal), but on base my learning experiences have been very survivable and more often than not, quite enjoyable.

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  1. rameyerskine says:

    I too took a religion major at a liberal arts college and let me tell you, not a single drop of anything I learned anywhere was wasted. Every bit of it has been valuable through all 3 of my jobs (in vastly different fields) and I’m so thankful for the breadth of learning I enjoyed.

    With you on the desire to ban 8am classes. Too hard to think that early. 😉

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