Past, Present, Future

Hello Readers!

My final fall break has marked a semi-definitive halfway mark for my final semester here at Erskine. It is an interesting thing to think about, and as I talk with freshmen in the midst of their first semester it’s hard to believe that three years has gone by so fast. All I can say is “Don’t blink. It only seems to go faster as the years go by”.

Yet, in the midst of that, I have been reminded today of something very important. Our convocation speaker was a graduate of the class of 1939, Erskine’s 100th year as an institution. As we approach our 175th year, I am reminded of the rich history of this place and all of the people who have walked these halls before me. It was apparent that a lot has changed in the past 75 years, but that much has stayed the same. Erskine’s seemingly undefinable charms are still here, and it still stands out as a very special place.

I have been very blessed to be a part of Erskine, and I will take the lessons learned here with me wherever I go. I am refusing to let myself get too bogged down with the what-ifs of my past three years. Two months will fly by, no doubt, but there is plenty of time to soak up the last drops of Erskine experience that I have left.

I guess the comments of an alumni have brought me to the realization that I too, will soon be an alumni. I am not too far from being out of my “Erskine bubble” and into the world. There is definitely a special culture on this campus. It is a safe place in a lot of ways and there are so many opportunities here that are perhaps harder to find elsewhere. One of the things that Miss Dot told us today was a quote from one of her friends. He said that all of his graduate studies had indeed prepared him for his career, but that his time at Erskine had prepared him for life.

God bless,