Halloween: A Highly Happy Holiday

Halloween is great. On that one special night in October, you are surrounded by your favorite superheroes, your favorite foods, your favorite movie characters, etc. Plus, you have an excuse to dress up as whatever you want with no judgment. If I had wanted to be a cyborg grumpy cat with marshmallow guns for arms, then I totally could have been. However, I don’t like cats or marshmallows so that costume is out of the question. Oh, and don’t forget about the candy! If you’re at all interested in accumulating your body weight in candy, then Halloween is the best day to do that! You don’t need a significant other to buy you anything. You don’t need to spend any of your money. All you have to do is walk to people’s houses and threaten them with horrible pranks until you get what you want. WIN-WIN.

If Halloween sounds at all appealing to you, then you should know this: Erskine’s Halloween is pretty great. Students got to watch the classic Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus, outside on Halloween night. The next day, there was a costume party for all of the students. So many people dressed up for the whole holiday and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see their costumes. I, however, decided to unveil my amazing costume in the evening, partly because I’m not confident enough to wear it all day and partly because it’s so stinking soft that I was afraid that I would fall asleep in class if I wore it.

Erskine hosted a little trick or treat event for the children in the area during the evening of Halloween. They dressed up in costumes and headed over to Carnegie and Bonner (two of the girls’s dorms, in case you didn’t know) and we stood outside our doors and handed out candy. It was such a blast! We could all see what a blessing the event was to both the kids and their parents because the kids were super excited. I had a really great time getting to love on those kids and a lot of their outfits were so precious!

I figured that you’d be curious about some of the characters who showed up to Erskine on Halloween, so I snapped a few photos throughout the day. Enjoy. 🙂


Even some of the professors dressed up! We weren’t sure whether Dr. Gorka was a pumpkin or a Buddhist monk. Hehe


Cheshire Cat, Pikachu, and a Maple Tree. Isn’t it obvious?


This is honestly the best camel costume that I have ever seen.

Halloween 5

I think I saw 15 teenage mutant ninja turtles that day, but my friend Megan was the cutest one.


Partly cloudy with a 100% of rain.


Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN.


I don’t think Batwoman has a cool theme song…

Here are some pictures that I got with the kids. 🙂

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