Formals and Friendship

All week I could not wait for Friday night to arrive. After a long five days of school, work, and little sleep, the Friday night formal was all I could dream about. Ringlet curls, pretty dresses, and high-heeled shoes bring a smile to both the girly and tomboy side of this girl. A break from books and blue jeans, the formal provides an opportunity to get off campus, get dressed up, and get ready to have fun with friends!

As a member of the Athenian Literary Society, I had even more excitement, as we were hosting this evening event. Arabian Nights was the theme and the decorations filled the Greenwood Art Center. Aside from a night full of dancing, I look forward to this type of event because I am able to spend time with all of my friends at once, which does not happen often. As a junior, I have become extremely involved in my major, which occupies most of my time. Therefore, my friends who are science and English majors are sometimes difficult to catch up with, while I see my education friends each and every day. However, this event was even more special because this would be the last big event before many of my friends graduate in May. (They love to remind me of this fact, too).

After eating dinner and getting dressed, we were off to the party. Of course the ride there is just as important, because your brain must begin preparing how to bust out some moves on the dance floor. Therefore, we rocked out and sang at the top of our lungs while we traveled. Finally, we arrive and its time to break it down! The first few minutes are always the most awkward, because fewer people are there to mask your dorky dance moves. However, when the first line dance comes on, the floor is crowded and everyone feels right at home. With “The Wobble,” “Can’t Wang With It,” and “The Cupid Shuffle,” down, the rest of the night is set for various styles of dancing. Each person can find some way to fit in.

Sadly, as the clock struck midnight, the lights brightened and the floor cleared. Clean-up time had arrived and the last Athenian formal with my senior sisters had ended. After sweeping and mopping floors, fixing chairs, and cutting out the lights, hugs were given and a glimpse into the future appeared. While it was sentimental and sad for a minute, the moment also lent itself to a great deal of happiness, as I was thankful that I have such wonderful friends that I will miss next year. Through the good times and bad, Erskine has provided me not only with important facts, but also important friends.