home sweet home!

I have a home! Well, I actually have multiple homes; to be more specific, I have a home in Scotland! As of last Monday I was still emailing back and forth with the St. Andrews office of accommodations and had not received another offer. My mom and I decided it would be a good idea for me to call the office directly and speak to someone about it, so I [eventually] figured out how to successfully make an international call to Scotland with our calling card. I talked to a wonderfully kind woman named Mary, the same woman I have emailed back and forth with over the past month. After introducing myself and explaining my situation, she remembered me and seemed surprised to find out that I had not received another offer. Mary assured me that they would send me an offer within the next couple of days and told me to keep checking my student portal.
When I woke up Tuesday morning, I checked my portal and found an offer! (Mom said she knew right away because she heard me running downstairs.) My home at St. Andrews will be in Andrew Melville Hall, a co-ed hall of single rooms that houses about 230 students from freshers to 4th years (all of the accommodations at St. Andrews are co-ed). Also exciting to me: the hall is only about a mile from where my classes will be, I will get 19 meals/week, and it is the least expensive housing option on campus! I know of at least a half-dozen other JSA [Junior Study Abroad] students who will be living here as well.

Andrew Melville Hall- my home for Spring 2013!(photo by Corey Faniel)

Andrew Melville Hall- my home for Spring 2013!
(photo by Corey Faniel)

I accepted the offer almost immediately and joined the Facebook group for Melville. I adore these people already! Everyone has been very welcoming, helpful, friendly, and funny! Through the group, I met a student from France, Joanna, who will be flying into Edinburgh at about the same time as I am. She offered to share a taxi to St. Andrews and then go get dinner with me when we arrive. She has given me a lot of helpful information about the hall and the school.
I am very grateful to those who joined me in praying about this situation, and I am so thankful that God answered our prayers in this way! I have a bad habit of overthinking and over-worrying about everything, and it truly is a relief that everything is falling into place this way. So much stress and worry has been replaced by genuine excitement! Moments like this help teach me that God truly is in control and remind me to put my faith and trust in Him. He’s got my back, praise the Lord!