My How Things Have Changed…

Just when I thought my life couldn’t get any busier it did, but this semester, as busy as it may be, is going to be one of my best semesters yet.

Why, you ask?

Because of one word: CHANGE.

For once, I’m actually excited about a majority of  my classes. My schedule is full of new classes and new teachers and new opportunities to learn. Yes, I’m taking about 21 hours worth of curriculum, (No, that wasn’t a typo. I’m just a tad bit of an overachiever who is trying to decide whether or not to graduate early), but I am making the most of my time and enjoying learning in the process.

I’m involved in more leadership positions this year. Being able to truly contribute to making a difference in an organization has been very rewarding. Right now I’m in charge of heading up the committee for The Mirror, Erskine’s student newspaper. Long story short: we haven’t produced an issue since last year, I (aspiring broadcast journalist) want to bring back the paper but in an online format. I’ve got all these ideas rolling around in my head and I’m thrilled that I was picked to be in charge of figuring out how to best bring it back to Erskine’s campus.

Even greater than all of the above is the fact that I am seeing God do some pretty amazing things at Erskine through our ministries. A few years ago we didn’t have a joint worship service in which BCM, The Barn, FCA, and Gospel Choir, all join together to worship the Lord, but this year it’s happening soon! People who are lost are coming to know Christ. Those who know Christ are being strengthened in their faith. It’s an amazing thing to be a part of and witness.

Change is not always a bad thing.

I believe change invites the opportunity for us to truly sit back and examine ourselves and the new situtations we find ourselves in on occasion. A change in classes and teachers has taught me that there are always different methods of learning a certain subject. Just because one professor did things a certain way, doesn’t mean that a new professor’s method isn’t just as effective. We get so used to the way things used to be and we forget that a fresh prospective is necessary for true progress. A change in leadership has taught me that sometimes we have to step up to the plate and make things happen. I noticed that we are lacking a venue for students to voice their opinions in a responsible way, therefore, I want to bring The Mirror back to Erskine. We all have opinions and a student newspaper is a great venue for students to report on issues that are current and relevant to us as a student body.  A change in the spiritual mindset of ministry leaders is, perhaps, the greates
t change I think this campus has seen. Who would of thought that leaders from different denominations and different worship styles could come together in such a big way? Back then it was unheard of and why? Do we not all serve the same God and want to see people come to the Kingdom?

Change doesn’t have to be as scary as we make it out to be at times.

It’s a word that births new opportunities to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives on this earth.