Write this down!

So much for diamonds being a girl’s best friend. In college, I have decided that my daily planner is my closest companion! With classes, tests, quizzes, papers, tours, work-outs, work, and meetings, some things are just bound to be forgotten. Today, the best piece of advice I can give you is to buy a calendar and USE it. You may be in college, but your brain is not always at its strongest and brightest. You WILL forget things!


As you may notice, I am keeping things very short this week. My load of work has left me buried under books and racing for time; therefore, I did not have hours to create philosophical thoughts and words of wisdom that I know you all love so  much:). (I hope you know I am kidding!) However, I will encourage you as you begin to transition toward college or even if you are already there, start trying to organize your life. You will be surprised what you will find when you clean up a little!