The voyage back home

Many boxes and bags, 2 determined women and one stuffed grandma car on a 1,200 mile voyage back to my Midwest home = a fun success! After graduation and the celebrations that come with it, we were singing the Mother Goose’s rhyme, “Home again, home again, jiggity jig” It was a fun, exciting and successful trip with a twist of a roller coaster ride of emotions.

What emotions? Sad, happy, excited, anxious, hopeful, etc. Which one of them could possibly be going on after I finished a chapter in the book of my life? All of them! The symbolic scene of the foothills after winding though the mountains brought tears to my eyes. When am I going to see them again? When am I going to be with my friends I built relationships with over the past 2 years? Where does this leave me now? Into the unknown??

Besides the roller coast of emotions it the road trip was a breeze. The GPS’ destination was set, Google maps were printed out AND an atlas was in hand! We were not going to be lost; we made sure of it! The saying, “Having too much of a good thing maybe bad thing” did not pertain to us though. We were able to keep all of our aids straight. Pit stops for gas, restrooms, food, and to stretch helped us keep the trip stress free. After all we were in no rush to get home to work, unpacking and other such unpleasant tasks. Although, set out sights on making it a two day trip.  But squeezed in a few hours for a shopping break to stretch out our legs and see new scenery. 😉 After all, we are girls; shopping is our favorite activity!

The mountains are symbolic to me because it had a profound feeling of leaving the north and entering the south. So the feeling of leaving my home of 2 years was a toughie. Leaving in general is difficult because the uncertainty of what next sets in. I don’t exactly have any plans, but I am making efforts to set myself up for opportunities. As for my friends, we will keep in touch. Facebook, Skype, text messages, phone calls and emails make that possibly and very easy! But seeing them again is up in the air. Spread out across the United States and beyond, we will hopefully work something out!

The road trip not only brought immediate joy, but warmth though out my body that only my friends and family from home can ignite. I am truly enjoying my family and friends who have been missing from my life but not absent in my thoughts and heart.