Service Learning at the DreamCenter (Men’s Volleyball)

The Erskine men’s volleyball team just returned home from a trip to California that included a couple matches at West Coast colleges plus five full days of service at the DreamCenter in Los Angeles.

The DreamCenter is an organization staffed by volunteers who serve thousands of individuals and families in the LA area via humanitarian outreaches, education, and community programs.

The volleyball team spent 5 days working at the DC, and pitched in to help with everything from child care to loading the food truck, doing construction, talking to folks, and picking up trash from local streets. Their days were jam-packed with activity, led by DreamCenter volunteers who themselves have often been recipients of help and care from the DC.

Coach Derek Schmitt writes in his final entry about the trip,

We closed our week [at the DreamCenter] with some $5 Hot-n-Ready pizzas from Little Caesar’s as each of us talked about how we are different from when we checked in to the DreamCenter on Monday afternoon.  There were a lot of great things shared including spending more time in prayer and in the Bible, having more of a servant mentality, being more appreciative of the things we have, having more faith in God and His power, and much more.  It has been exciting to see the guys invest in the DreamCenter this week and the impact it is having on each one of them.  

Read more from Coach Schmitt about the guys’ experience at the DreamCenter:

First day at the DreamCenter

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Last Day at the DreamCenter for Men’s Volleyball.

Providing our Services

For those of you who have followed my blog previously, this will not be news to you. However, for you newcomers, you will soon learn that I am a proud member of the Athenian Literary Society. Here at Erskine, we do not have Sororities and Fraternities. Rather, we have Literary Societies which are unique to Erskine. These organizations operate similarly to the Greek life of other schools with the same emphasis on sisterhood/brotherhood and service. However, at Erskine, they are much less expensive and exclusive.

The Athenian Literary Society, home to over twenty Erskine women, serves the campus and the community through several aspects, including Breast Cancer awareness and fundraising, Relay for Life involvement, and other activities that vary from year to year. Last night, I had the opportunity to serve with some of my sisters at the local retirement home in Due West. The event coordinator had planned a special dinner for the residents themed a Dinner in New York which involved dancing, singing, and music. We were able to assist by providing waitressing services to serve these wonderful members of the community. Speaking with these wise and inspirational men and women proved to be a wonderful and fulfilling experience.

Even to those not involved in a Literary Society, Erskine offers several opportunities to serve in various capacities. Our small Christian school places much emphasis on the quality of service and is in the process of exploring even more and new ways to involve the students. If you are looking for a school which fosters growth through community and service, Erskine just might be the place for you!